Hey there! I'm Benedikt,
and I'm ayour next Intern? Media Designer. Web Developer. Student.

Shredder, Schreter, what the f***?!

First of all, I can put your mind at ease: I’m not named after an annihilator, my actual last name is Schreter, and Shredder is only a nickname. Anyway, I’m Benedikt, 21 years old, originally from a little village in beautiful Tyrol, but currently studying Media Technology and Design at University of applied science Upper Austria in Hagenberg. Time for some history:

Back in the days, when I was a teenager, I was fascinated of the origination process and outcome of advertisements in magazines or on television. I wanted to know how they were made and started doing research online. As a direct consequence of it, I picked up basic skills in Adobe Photoshop, due to several tutorials, but mostly by trial & error. Graphic design quickly became a dearly beloved hobby. Nevertheless without relevant education, you quickly reach limits, so after graduating I decided to study media design. Due to the fact, that my study was (and still is) not only concerned with media design but a great number of topics in media technology as well (which was shocking at first), I fast came into contact with web development. After a difficult start, I really started to like the development part. The possibility to breathe life into a plain, static design, is still fascinating me.

So you may say now - “Wait, is he a designer OR developer?” - Well actually I would say I’m both. Owing to my study, which is much diversified, I now have a good knowledge in both fields, whether its brand development or motion graphic or even “lame” things like pre-press and computer graphics.

Having said that, I really hope, that I will quickly manage to gain a foothold in the media industry, because what’s better than turning your hobby, where you put your heart and soul into, into a profession. The media industry is changing fast – I want to be part of this change.

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